RU-DFO Room units for the Regio Maxi controllers

There are different room units (RU) in the Regio Maxi range, with or without display. They are intended to be combined with the freely programmable RCP controllers and are installed directly on the wall or on a wall socket.

RU is the basic model. The other models have various functions, indicated by the letters in the product name:

D = Display, F = Fan speed control button, O = Occupancy button, S = Multifunction button

Specifications for RU-DFO
Occupancy button X
3-step fan control X
Setpoint knob -
CO2, blinds, lighting, humidity -
Display X
Specifications for Room units for the Regio Maxi controllers
Power supply From RCP unit
Ambient humidity Max. 90 % RH
Ambient temperature 0…50°C
Storage temperature -20…+70°C
Mounting Room
Protection class IP20
Display Backlit, LCD