RC-C3DOC-BLACK Regio Midi – Pre-programmed room controllers with communication

Regio Midi are controllers with a built-in temperature sensor and an RS485 communication port. Controllers in different rooms and zones can be connected to a bus line enabling communication with a central SCADA system via RS485 (EXOline, BACnet or Modbus).

RC-CD* and RC-C3D* are BTL listed, click here to go to the BACnet International website where you'll find PICS documents and more information.

Specifications for RC-C3DOC-BLACK
Occupancy button / Forced ventilation X
3-step fan control -
EC fan control X
Setpoint knob -
Hidden setpoint -
Built-in CO2 sensor -
Output 0...10 V DC or on/off
3 universal outputs X
Display X
Specifications for Regio Midi – Pre-programmed room controllers with communication
Supply voltage 18...30 V AC, 50...60 Hz
Power consumption 2.5 VA
Ambient temperature 0...50°C
Storage temperature -20…+70°C
Ambient humidity Max. 90 % RH
Communication RS485 (EXOline or Modbus with automatic detection/change-over, or BACnet). Note: BACnet communication is only an option for RCC models and models with display.
Modbus 8 bits, 1 or 2 stop bits. Odd, even (FS) or no parity.
Communication speed 9600, 19200, 38400 bps (EXOline, Modbus and BACnet) or 76800 bps (BACnet only)
Built-in temperature sensor 0...50°C NTC linearised 15 kΩ
Accuracy ±0.5°C at 15...30°C
Mounting Room
Protection class IP20
Analogue inputs (AI) PT1000, 0...50°C, 0...10 V
Condensation input (CI) Digital input for condensation detector
Digital inputs (DI) Closing potential-free contact
Universal inputs (UI) Analogue input (AI), PT1000 sensor, 0...100°C or digital input (DI)
Digital outputs (DO) 24 V AC, max. 0.5 A
Universal outputs (UO) Digital output (DO) 24 V AC, max. 2.0 A or analogue output (AO), 0...10 V DC, max. 5 mA
+C power output for DI only 24 V DC, max. 10 mA, short circuit-protected

Software tool for Regio


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Power interface for RC-...F... controllers


Condensation detector for Regio controllers, 1 m cable length


A set of 10 connector plates for RC units


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