Room controller with LON communication

  1. With LON communication
  2. Heating/cooling in sequence
R10-LON is a controller intended for installations with LON communication. It has PI-control with setpoint and setpoint displacement with individual values for heating/comfort, heating/economy, cooling/comfort, cooling/economy, constant room temperature depending on the running mode, and dew point control.
R10-LON conforms with the Chilled Ceiling Controller 8070 (LonMark) profile. Moreover, different functions are supported via LON, such as low temperature protection in shutdown mode, control override on open window contact, configuration of an optional actuator etc.

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Specifications for Room controller with LON communication
Supply voltage 24 V AC ±15 %, 4 VA
Outputs Two 0...10 V DC, or two thermal actuators, or one increase/decrease (triac)
Inputs Two for a presence, temperature or 0...10 V DC sensor (Regin NTC sensor)
Setpoint displacement ±3°C
Protection class IP30