Regin Academy – educational training for sustainable results

Regin Academy is our center for learning and competence development for system integrators, installers, OEM customers, distributors and our employees. Within the framework, we share our knowledge and experience in building automation to make sure that together, we provide the market with the most sustainable and smart building control solutions.

Regin Academy offers:

• Comprehensive training programs for integrators who want to become a certified Regin partner or a distributor. Read more about the Regin partner program
• Workshops focusing on creating complete and scalable solutions with our configurable controllers for room, ventilation and heating. - Just contact us if you are interested!
• Internal product training for our employees

We give you the keys to a successful project

Becoming a Regin certified partner means that you have access to our popular EXObasic courses, arranged on a regular basis.

Below you find examples of topics we cover throughout the EXObasic courses:

  • Review of Regin products and BMS systems, connections and definitions
  • Key factors in the project planning process, mostly related to communication
  • Connection to controllers through networks
  • Programming of freely programmable controllers
  • General strategy for planning, programming and testing
  • Design of SCADA graphics in controllers and servers
  • Design your own graphic objects
  • Program your own objects

Training sessions 2023

Date Language Location
Week 9, 27 February - 2 March
Swedish Physically in Kållered, Sweden
Week 13, 27 - 30 March
Swedish Digitally via Teams
Week 16, 17 - 20 April
English Digitally via Teams
Week 19, 8 - 11 May Swedish Physically in Kållered, Sweden
Week 26, 26 - 29 June Swedish Digitally via Teams

Preliminary agenda

Monday 10;00am – 04;00pm

- Hardware walkthrough
- Setup of the EXOsystem
- Loading a program

Tuesday – Thursday, 9;00am – 04;00pm (Thursday ends 03;00pm)

- Controller Builder; Programming, PID setup, Communication theory, Alarms and events, Time channels, Historical logging.
- Arrigo BMS; Server Setup, User accounts, View Designer, Link Icons, scripting.
- Protocols to cover; EXOline, Modbus, BACnet and M-Bus.

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