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At Regin, we believe in green and smart automation technology for climate control in buildings. Our solutions empower system integrators, manufacturers and facility owners, giving them efficient technology to save energy and time. It is all captured in our vision: People’s well-being in a sustainable future.

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Ventilation control with time-efficiency in focus!

Please welcome Regin’s new solutions for intelligent control of air handling units. The goal is to make installation, integration, monitoring and maintenance as simple and time efficient as possible. Ready Steady Go means that every component, from the configuration and monitoring software, to field products, is optimized with features that provide a fast, efficient and reliable installation.

Corrigo the smart cornerstone in our ventilation concept

We are proud to present one of the most user-friendly and versatile controllers on the market. New powerful Corrigo 5.0 is a configurable controller for ventilation, that can be used stand-alone or integrated into a system. Corrigo has a lot of functionality, easily accessible via the integrated HTML5 web interface or Application tool.

Meet Presigo, Regin’s differential pressure transmitter

Less installation time, less cable and high precision.

Product catalogue All products in one place

In our catalogue we have gathered product news and technical data for all products. Everything to make your work easier! Click to download.

Business driven development – our solutions

We understand your business reality and work in close collaboration with our partner network with one goal – the goal of transforming your needs into technical solutions.

Regin solutions Building Management System

Regin BMS Solutions provides an intuitive tool for building maintenance and long-term energy efficiency always with a user perspective, making things easier. You can start the working day right in your mobile phone already on your way to work.

Regin solutions OEM

Looking for a partner who can help you increase profitability and deliver state of the art control solutions? Our competitive edge lies in our flexible platforms that we have developed for this very purpose for decades.

Regin solutions Ventilation

Our broad product range for ventilation enable flexible solutions for control of building systems of different dimensions. Our goal is to make installation, integration, monitoring and maintenance as simple and time efficient as possible. We call it Ready Steady Go!

Regin solutions Heating

We can offer optimized combinations of tailor-made products with everything you need to easily ensure cost- and time efficient control of your heating system, while not having to compromise on comfort. We give you the tools enabling rewarding business.

Regin solutions Room

Scalable solutions for room control with everything from complete building management systems to freely programmable control systems and stand-alone products.

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