PDTX12-2-C Presigo (PDTX…-C) - Differential pressure transmitter with communication

Differential pressure transmitters, 24 V, with two universal inputs, two universal outputs and communication via Modbus.


Specifications for PDTX12-2-C
Dimensions, external (WxHxD) 167*46*130 mm
Max Overvoltage on any terminal Max. ±18 V (referenced to GND) V
Analogue output load impedance 0...10v Min. 10 kΩ
Pressure, range sensor 0…1250 Pa
Pressure, range sensor 2 0…1250 Pa
Accuracy, pressure sensor 1 ≤ 1 % full scale %
Accuracy, pressure sensor 2 ≤ 1 % full scale %
Max. allowed diff. Pressure sensor 1 25 kPa
Max. allowed diff. Pressure sensor 2 25 kPa
Damping (electronic) settable 1…12 s
Unit. Range l/s 0…31000
Unit. Range m3/h 0…65000 (factory setting)
Unit. Range CFM [Ft3/min] 0…65000
Specifications for Presigo (PDTX…-C) - Differential pressure transmitter with communication
Power Supply 24VAC/DC (21...27 V AC 50Hz / 21...27 V DC), 4.0 VA
Protection class IP54
Ambient humidity (non-condensing) 0…95 % RH
Ambient temp -25…50 °C
Mounting Wall
Media Air, non-combustible and non-aggressive gases
Universal inputs type (UI) PT1000*, Ni1000, 0...10 V, Digital input
Universal outputs type (UO) Configuration AO (AO / DO) 0…10, Configuration DO Mosfet outputs, 24 V AC or DC, 2 A continuous, Power output Max. 2A (total UO1 + UO2)
Cable gland M16x1,5, M20x1,5
Terminal type Screw Terminal
Terminal wire size 1.5 mm²
Material, housing Polycarbonate (PC)
Material, base Polycarbonate (PC)