Misc Monday, 10 August, 2020

Fredrik Wiking appointed new CEO of AB Regin

Misc Thursday, 25 June, 2020

Summer Greetings!

Misc Wednesday, 17 June, 2020

Fast delivery to new Corona-hospital in Turkey

HVAC Wednesday, 17 June, 2020

New version of Application tool for download!

Misc Tuesday, 16 June, 2020

Increase the property value with reduced energy use

Misc Tuesday, 24 March, 2020

Information from Regin related to the corona virus / COVID-19

HVAC Friday, 20 March, 2020

Heating solutions with new backup features and increased flexibility

HVAC Friday, 20 March, 2020

New functions and simple configuration in our pre-programmed room controllers

Misc Friday, 6 March, 2020

Greenline makes a difference for people and the climate

Misc Friday, 6 March, 2020

Regin extends global presence through Regin Controls India

Misc Monday, 2 March, 2020

Finnish hotel chain invests in sustainability

Misc Thursday, 30 January, 2020

New catalogue!

Misc Monday, 27 January, 2020

See you at VSK in Utrecht, February 4-7

HVAC Friday, 24 January, 2020

“Plug and Play” room unit with touch display

HVAC Friday, 24 January, 2020

Pressure independent valve with smart actuator in larger sizes

HVAC Friday, 24 January, 2020

New series of damper actuators

Misc Friday, 24 January, 2020

The highest credit rating for Regin - 22 years in a row

Misc Thursday, 19 December, 2019

New Regio Angel Edition – let’s ensure that very special Christmas feeling!

Misc Wednesday, 2 October, 2019

A drive for energy-efficient solutions in Kazakhstan

System Wednesday, 3 July, 2019

Expand your systems with our new Add:io

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