Arrigo EMS (Energy Management System)

Monitoring the energy consumption of your buildings gives you a direct insight into the overall health of your property portfolio. But regardless of the quality of collected energy data, all data still needs to be processed and presented in a readily understandable, straightforward way. Arrigo EMS provides you with a very intuitive report tool to analyse your data, letting you visualise all statistics clearly.

  • Simple and clear energy/analysis reports
  • Versatile connection to energy meters
  • Quality assurance of energy values
  • Climate correction of heating and cooling
  • Automatic updates of climate data from Sweden’s SMHI meteorological institute. Energy index and degree days.
  • Possibility to create building unique climate data
  • Easy distribution of reports via e-mail
  • Exports to external billing systems
  • Exports to other energy monitoring systems


(3 st)