Mike Steitz highlights the key features of the new display

Our range of displays for controllers with a graphical web interface has been expanded with a new user-friendly touch display. We have asked Mike Steitz, Product Manager a few questions about the development process behind the product release.

What functions have been in focus during the development of the new display?
- From the beginning, we focused on developing a user-friendly display that simplifies the commissioning and of the connected controllers. As we advanced in the development process, we recognized the significance of several crucial aspects. First, the inclusion of a mounting feature became apparent, allowing for easy installation. Second, we placed great emphasis on ensuring that the display could also function as a handheld device, enabling its suitability for diverse environments. was also a top priority, ensuring seamless integration with larger systems.

What specific features does the new display offer compared to previous models?
- The new display provides a high level of protection against moisture and dust, according to IP65. This level of protection remains consistent whether the display is mounted on the control cabinet door or used as a handheld device. With its sleek design, the display not only looks appealing but also enhances the overall user experience. From a performance perspective, the display is on the same level as its predecessor, ensuring that users can expect the same high level of functionality and reliability.

Can you outline the development process of the display and the steps taken to ensure usability?
- Our journey began by collaborating with a renowned design company to conduct a concept study, which brought new perspectives and valuable insights to our product development process. The collaboration led to the creation of four design prototypes, which were then transformed into detailed 3D models. After careful evaluation, we selected the most promising design to move forward with. From there, we developed the technical housing design and built a functional prototype. The final step involved rigorous testing and validation to ensure the product met our high standards in terms of both functionality and design.

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