Arrigo - FAQ

Q: Version of Arrigo?
A: (28/9-2021) In Project Builder, select The ArrigoBMS node and open Tools menu. Select Arrigo - View attached project status. This will evaluate the version and also check if there is a newer version to install.

Q: How do I contact Arrigo Support group?
A: Simply send an email to and we will reply to you. We will also update this page with our response.

Q: In EXOscada I used an SWF file as a background, in the conversion process it has renamed the reference with an SVG extension, why?
A: Since Arrigo BMS doesn’t support SWF files, you have to use SVG files instead. The conversion process will assist you by changing the references of all your SWF files to SVG. To create an SVG file of your own created SWF, open your SWF file in your tool where it was made, like Adobe Flash, and re-save it as an SVG file.

Q: Are all standard EXOscada [Controller Builder] subwindows (Pop up-views) already converted in the new installation?
A: Some of them. As they are dependent on the language of the project (Done when created with the wizard - New Object) we can not provide all subwindows pre-converted. Ongoing work.

Q: Are all standard EXOscada [Standard Objects] subwindows already converted in the new installation?
A: "Not priority" Same explanation as above.

Q: How do I link a converted process picture (.esav) to a Widget?
A: Use the "Convert Area to Widget" tool, Select Area - Menu/Tools/More> Convert area to Widget (Ctrl + Shift + F11). You can also convert to Link Icons (Ctrl + Shift + F12).
The tool will convert all former Area/Tabs to either Widgets or Link Icons, if you want a mix you'll have to manually create them or re-convert the area and use copy-paste.

Q: Install on Windows Server 2012 R2?
A: Arrigo 2019 supports Windows Server 2016 and later.
However, you can try update PowerShell install, and run a special installer file. (Ask support for this installer file)

1. This update of PowerShell: choose file Win8.1AndW2K12R2-KB3191564-x64.msu and run the update.

2. Run the installer from support: ([filnamne] -unsafeMode)

Q: How to get a darker background in view files?
A: Edit the file: Standard.cwvt.json found in your projects folder\Shared\theme\
Set ExtraStyle1 - Background: to any color, Arrigo Dark theme color is: "0x2b2f37", a slightly brighter one: "0x808899"
In View designer, select background and set Appearence/Visual Style to ExtraStyle1

Javascript Quick guide

Scripting can be used In View Designer OnOpen, OnClosed, OnManeuver, OnChanged

General controller link signs:
Reading Controller variable once: #
Reading Controller variable continuously: *
Writing Controller variable: ¤ (Alt + 0164 on keypad)


  • JavaScript is Case sensitive

Scripting in OnManeuver and OnChanged

Reading from controller

to same view object


Reading from controller

to another view object


Reading from controller

to JavaScript variable

let second = #%Controller%.QSystem.Sec;

Reading from JavaScript variable

to same view object


Reading from other view object

to same view object


Writing to controller

reading from same view object

¤%Controller%.QSystem.Sec = this.value();

Writing to controller

reading from another view object

¤%Controller%.QSystem.Sec = this.view.otherObject.value();

Writing to controller

from other controller variable

¤%Controller%.QSystem.Sec = #otherController.QSystem.Sec;


You cannot assign to objects in view.OnOpen view as they haven't been created yet at that moment.

more to come...

Q&A for known issues and fixes

Updated: 28/9 - 2021 12:22EST (Latest at the bottom)

Q: After a clean installation Arrigo is hanging on loading icon after login. (Complex Server with possible restrictions?)
A: Enter /arrigo/api/ to check if you get to the API login page. If not: Check Windows Event Viewer / Applications / - Errors. If yes: Contact support and they will contact developers to have a look.

Q: Convert the projects Root Area
A: Not ready yet, create a temporary area as your root Area until we have updated the convert function.

Q: Texts too big after converting and don't fit in the original text container
A: Yes we have changed the font size of the Style Normal to slightly bigger. Change the Font Size to "Small" and it will be smaller, could still be too wide sometimes. We are considering automatically changing the font to Small during conversion, not implemented yet.
A: (17/11-2020): The file \Shared\theme\Standard.cwvt.json will unfortunately NOT affect the font size at the moment, the fonts are used from the main Arrigo style sheet.

Q: How to create a Widget?
A: Make sure to rename lists to SymbolElements and ListElements, See this part of the Webinar about creating Widgets
Additional rules:

  • If you don't want any SymbolElements, don't leave it empty, remove the entire SymbolElements list
  • If you only use SymbolElementsyou can have max 6 symbols
  • If you use SymbolElements and ListElements you can have max 4 symbols and 5 ListElements
  • SymbolElements needs a Symbol before every Numeric or text select (bug to be fixed)
  • If you don't want ListElements, you can leave it empty.
    You can have max 5 ListElements.
    Working example:

FAQ Arrigo.png

See video

25/11 - 2020

Q: SVG with Javascript running in Controller Web but not in Arrigo.
A: The viewBox is stopping the SVG to run the Javascript in Arrigo.

  • Remove viewBox="0,0,100,100" from the SVG header. In the SVG file. Check that it works.
  • Try to set viewBox to same size as the ViewDesigner element and set to Appearance to "Fit Width"

Q: Can I change the size of the icons in Widgets?
A: They have a limitation to the widget.

Q: My view gets totally white without errors after converted an area view.
A: Probably you have Color change object in the view, this now has a different function (style change).
Workaround: Remove all color change objects and replace them with symbols indicating the function instead. Fix is done with convert to symbols instead of style change to make the conversion a bit easier.

Q: Can you use ChangeAdvise to link to different variables in SCADA
A: No, when the view is loaded the Advises to API is fixed.

Q: Which JavaScript packages will be available in Arrigo?
A: Any Online package.