Smart systems manage the water treatment in the swimming pool of Solna

In 2022, the area of Kvarteret Poolen was developed, consisting of two distinct properties in a three-dimensional division. Solna Municipality owns the impressive swimming pool, while Fabege is responsible for the office building resting on the roof of the swimming pool. In collaboration with EnviroProcess, Regin’s partner TWS System AB has successfully demonstrated how Regin’s control system can be used for sustainable water treatment in large facilities.

The new aquatic facility, totalling 5000 square meters, includes ten lanes in a 25-meter pool, a flexible multipool with an adjustable floor, and a children’s pool. To accommodate many visitors simultaneously, the focus has been on developing a solution that efficiently purifies the water and ensures an optimal chlorine balance. However, challenging foundation conditions have necessitated space-efficient technical installations.

“Difficult foundation conditions and pressing groundwater have led to limited space for the water treatment equipment. These challenges required clever technical installations, where we prepared the control panel in advance, lowered it into the elevator shaft, and completed the installations on-site. An ultrafilter for water treatment was also installed instead of a sand filter, as it takes less space," says David Lindvall, project manager at TWS System AB.

To ensure complete control over the treatment process, Regin’s freely programmable controllers, EXOclever, have been installed and integrated with the building management system, Arrigo BMS. This integration enables full control of the entire treatment process – from pump control to chlorine dosing and backwashing. The building is designed to meet the requirements of the BREEAM environmental classification system at the Excellent level, ensuring minimized climate and environmental impact. In 2023, the facility received the prestigious award 'Building of the Year' for good collaboration, efficient budget management, and completing the project ahead of schedule.

“In this unique environment, we have placed significant emphasis on tailoring the electronics to meet the specific challenges of wet areas. By integrating technology that ensures an uninterrupted water treatment process, even during power outages, we have created a robust and sustainable solution. Simultaneously, meticulous planning of commissioning schedules has been of crucial importance in the project. We are very proud of the project’s results and hope that the system will contribute to efficient and sustainable water purification, creating a pleasant environment for visitors for many years to come,” concludes David Lindvall.

Technical solution

The control system is built with Regin’s freely programmable controllers, EXOclever, and EXOflex together with different field components such as valves and actuators. The controllers are installed in a climate-monitoring control panel, equipped with a cooling unit. This ensures optimal temperature and a long lifespan for the products. Some functions also have power via UPS to operate during power outages.

The water treatment, including the control of circulation pumps, dosing pumps, backwashing, pump control, and pressure maintenance are integrated by Modbus communication interface. Energy meters, integrated by Mbus interface, are used to measure the energy usage for the entire water treatment process. The entire system is visualized by Regin’s Arrigo BMS, enabling complete control and monitoring of the levels in the swimming pool.