Vietnamese pharmaceutical factory gets the right prescription

Many manufacturing plants around the world have clinical environments, placing very high demands on indoor climate control. Ventilation, humidity, temperature and many other factors must all be precisely controlled to ensure the consistent manufacture of flawless products. A Vietnamese pharmaceutical factory installed a Regin brand control system, programmed to fulfil extremely stringent climate demands, while simultaneously optimizing energy usage to generate savings of up to 15 percent. This project was one of the nominees in the 2018 Regin Energy Saver Awards.

The primary purpose of this project was to program and install a stable, interference-free system that would also prove easy to monitor and support while significantly optimizing energy usage.

Traditionally, this part of the world makes use of a centralized SCADA system for balancing cooling water flows, along with step controllers for heating and climate control. This generates an excessive energy consumption, as energy levels can only be controlled in fixed steps.

The challenge for Regin in this project was to implement a western approach to energy savings, using triac controllers for precise control of heating. The property owner was persuaded to try out a non-traditional method as a way of achieving goals for increased energy savings. The result was one of the first projects in Vietnam to use a comprehensive Regin solution for precise control of indoor climate and optimized use of energy.

Fulfills strict demands and Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for pharmaceuticals

The technical solution was created through skilled engineering, smart programming, sensors and transmitters, with the plan being fully visualized in EXOscada - enabling complete control of the system and automatic reporting of measurements in Arrigo. To fulfil all strict demands and Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs while also saving energy, the EXOcompact range of freely programmable controllers were used, alongside the TTC range of electric heating controllers and PICV range of pressure-independent control valves. Also used was Regio Midi - a pre-programmed range of room controllers with a built-in temperature sensor and many different applications, with or without communication.

“It’s impressive to see the many possibilities for saving energy, including in especially demanding environments the world over. It is also a challenge to implement previously untried methods in brand new markets. This requires confidence and courage. In this case, it was not only possible to create a new solution, but also to communicate the benefits of precise control. We hope this knowledge will now spread, so we can achieve true energy efficiency on a global scale”, says Leif Brattschöld, CEO at Regin and one of the 2108 Energy Saver Awards jury members.

The project for Anova Pharmaceuticals in Bình Dương Province was carried out by Tin Dat Consulting and Automation Service Engineering Co. Ltd. during the second half of 2017.