Future-proof solutions in the holiday paradise of Center Parcs

For over 50 years, Center Parcs has provided innovative holiday destinations for families. This popular chain can be visited in Germany, the Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom, with each destination carefully selected for the natural environment. During the past three decades, Regin has been responsible for delivering smart building automation in these unique facilities.

From indoor temperatures to wave machines and water quality
Center Parcs offers a contemporary holiday experience, with cottages surrounded by nature, water parks, restaurants, and shopping markets all within one destination. At the same time, the versatility of the facility places significant demands on efficient building automation. Over 30 years ago, the first system was installed in one of the facilities. Today, the majority of Center Parcs’ portfolio is seamlessly integrated with Regin’s system for control and monitoring.

In addition to regulating temperature, air quality, and ventilation technology, the system also oversees wave machines, chlorine dosing, and water quality. Typically, the pool areas contain 90% less chlorine than standard pools, which necessitates advanced water purification. In total, each facility employs up to 250 control units to ensure efficient and safe operations.

Open systems for long-term sustainability
Sustainability and resource management are central priorities for Center Parcs, including the goal to reduce energy consumption by 25% by 2025 compared to 2019. Since the project’s inception, Center Parcs has chosen to focus on an open and adaptable system. This allows for any expansions and modifications to the system while enabling adjustments to operations in compliance with new energy regulations and objectives. Currently, large parts of the facilities are undergoing an upgrade to Regin’s web-based Arrigo building management system, aiming to further improve security and ensure long-term sustainability.