FLS306X Liquid flow switch

Electromechanical flow switches, suited for pipes of industrial plants: heating and air conditioning, refrigeration systems and heat pumps. Available in brass (suitable for normal media), and stainless steel AISI 316L (compatible with certain aggressive media).


Specifications for FLS306X
Dimensions, external (WxHxD) 140*62*65 mm
Material stainless steel paddles AISI 316L
Body material Brass, R1/2"" threaded
Max pressure (kPa) 1100
Media Temperature (min) °C -40
Media Temperature (max) °C 120
Setpoint value, flow rate (min) 0.174 m³/h
Setpoint value, flow rate (max) 0.846 m³/h
Contact rating 15 (8) A, 24...250 V AC
Specifications for Liquid flow switch
Appliance class Class I
Protection class IP65
Ambient humidity (non-condensing) 10…90 % RH
Ambient temp -40…85 °C
Storage temp -40…85 °C
Storage humidity -20...85 % RH
Media water and not aggressive liquid
Material, cover Transparent PC
Material, base ABS