The history of Regin

Ever since Regin was founded in 1947 our very goal has been to be close to the markets in partnership with our customers to create efficient solutions for climate control. Over time we have grown organically and through strategic acquisitions of companies that have enriched our offer step by step.

Today, we are more than 350 employees and offer complete solutions for efficient building energy management, heating, ventilation and room control. In all of these areas we also conduct OEM-projects. We have strong local presence through our locations and business units in Europe and Asia.

GOTHENBURG, 1947: Erik Haglund and Axel Jones buy the right to a humidistat. Under the Regin name, they remake it completely and release it to the market as HMH – a simple, stable humidistat that goes on to become a huge international success that is still manufactured and used today.

In the late 80s the company expanded with the clear vision of developing its own product range and to establish close cooperative relations with installers and system integrators. From the very beginning it was decided that product development should be customer-driven through cooperation with OEMs and through a continuous dialogue with all kinds of users.

In the early 2000s, Regin acquires the product companies Osby Armatur (valve production), Exomatic (system development) and the German company Riccius+Sohn (heating controllers), three companies that have been true pioneers within their product fields.

Regin Academy is started and courses are set up to support and increase Regin product- and BMS-knowledge for all system integrators, installers and OEM customers. Through Regin Academy, Regin certifies system integrators who work with Regin systems.

In 2012, Regin acquires the product company Industrietechnik, a pioneer in the field of mechanical thermostats from northern Italy. Industrietechnik extends the organization with a production unit for mechanical and electrical field products. Shortly after, the company Luenway from Taiwan becomes part of Regin. As experts in valve production they strengthen the product range of valve actuators.

Today our offer includes complete Building Energy Management Systems and hardware as well as solutions based on intelligent controls, sensors and field products. Our products are distributed to more than 90 countries worldwide – a number that is steadily increasing. Our Head Office is situated just outside of the city of Gothenburg, Sweden and we have full-service offices and warehouses in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia.

Since the start in 1947, there has always been one decisive driving force for development. This force is our strong commitment to the creation of easy and sustainable solutions for our customers, partners and OEMs – and for the people who use our products every day.