Regin prioritizes delivery of building automation systems to hospital in earthquake area

Rönesans Construction, in collaboration with subcontractor Regin Turkey, has been working on a project that will result in one of the largest hospitals in Turkey. The project had originally targeted completion by summer, but when the country was hit by major earthquakes in February, the production had to adapt to new conditions. At the same time, the natural disaster has led to an even greater need for a new hospital.

“When the earthquakes struck the south-eastern regions of the country, we were compelled to evacuate and pause the project for a period of two weeks. We are grateful that all personnel at the site was unharmed, and our technical team is now back on site with safe conditions. To guarantee a safe and secure work environment, Rönesans Construction has implemented several actions, including delivering prefabricated housing in the field to all our colleagues. Our ambition is that the project can be completed within a few months and that more people in need can receive care as soon as possible”, says Murat Parmak, Sales Manager Regin Turkey.

The Gaziantep Integrated Health Campus is said to be the country's fifth-largest investment in terms of construction and project costs for hospital projects. Regin is responsible for delivering a comprehensive solution for intelligent building automation that includes both hardware and building management systems. With the support of a complete control system, a healthy indoor climate will be ensured in the 600,000 square meter hospital with 1875 bed capacity. At the same time, the state-of-the-art technology will enable the facility to cover multiple medical disciplines.