Regin Energy Saver Award winners receive climate compensation

The Regin Energy Saver Awards will not only highlight successful energy saving projects, but also contribute to the creation of sustainable forestry in Florestal Santa Maria in the Amazon. “The awards of our contest will contribute to people’s well-being in a sustainable future and make a tangible difference. Planting new trees, conserving existing forest and getting the local population involved in the project will both support local development and affect people’s attitudes”, says Leif Brattschöld, Regin CEO and chairman of the jury.

Entries into the contest have arrived from all over the world, and the jury has now finished making their nominations. The winners will be announced during a formal ceremony in Regin’s stand at Nordbygg, the largest building exhibition in northern Europe.

“Our business carries a huge responsibility, considering the fact that buildings are responsible for over 40 percent of all global energy consumption. With that in mind, the enormous potential for energy conservation in this sector becomes extremely clear. An important part of our work is also to affect people’s attitudes concerning energy consumption in buildings. Today strong focus is put on cars and air travel while buildings are seldom mentioned”, says Leif Brattschöld.

Climate compensation
Regin will invest funds under the winners’ names into a project in the Amazon - carried out by an organization for climate compensation and aimed at promoting sustainable forestry.

Approved by the UN
Behind the project is the Tricorona organization. Using funds paid as climate compensation enables the organization to initiate projects to accelerate the development of renewable energy in developing countries. These projects are all approved by the UN.

“Supporting a project aimed at reduced climate impact is completely in line with our vision to create people’s well-being in a sustainable future. Therefore, it feels like a highly appropriate prize for this contest. We know that most of our customers are driven by their will to create a better future”, Leif says.