Regio Midi series – now upgraded software to meet the next level of efficient room-control

The Regio Midi series of room controllers with communication is designed to save hours in installation and commissioning. In combination with Application tool integrators can create templates, set up a system in half a day and reload the applications to all controllers. We are happy to announce that Application tool and the Regio Midi controllers have been updated with a number of new software features.

Software updates made in Regio Midi 1.7-1-03:

  • Restoration of CO2 control function to control between an Min/Max value
  • Digital input can be used as an external input as an indication
  • The BACnet variable for enabling/disabling buttons (RegioButtonActiveConf) has been removed since the Regio BACnet stack only support 8 states and this variable is now more than 8
  • When a window contact indicates an open window, the VAV damper go to the set MIN limit for Off state.
  • Minor Application tool updates to promote versatility and stability
Get your update here! With a few clicks you can just update your Application tool and get started.