Ola Dawidson is new product manager at Regin. “I’m looking forward to taking the step from intelligent vehicle technology to smart property management and develop Regin’s offering in proptech”

Ola Dawidson takes on the role as VP Product Management and Support Center at AB Regin. With over 15 years of experience in portfolio management, sustainability strategy, and digital transformation, working with clients such as Volvo and RISE, he will drive strategic initiatives for Regin's product company. We had the chance to meet Ola in an interview where he tells us about the driving forces behind the success.

Hi Ola, you are the new VP Product Management at Regin. Tell us about yourself!
I’m originally from Skåne in southern Sweden but moved to Gothenburg 25 years ago for studies. Today I live in Kungsbacka, a small town just outside Gothenburg with my wife, daughter and two hunting Labradors. I most recently come from a completely different industry, HR-tech, where I was responsible for expert and training services at the company Simployer. Previously I worked at Volvo Connected Solutions and WirelessCar, with product management and information security, and after that at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden AB) as overall responsible for operational excellence and strategic sustainability issues. In addition, I have also worked as consultant in change management. From the beginning, I’m a mechanical engineer from Chalmers, but I have also spent a few years as a researcher which resulted in a PhD in Operations Management with focus on R&D Project Portfolio Management.

Why did you apply to Regin and what does your new role entail?
I was really attracted by Regin, as a industry leading company in building automation founded in Sweden. Working with cutting-edge technology where products include both hardware and software is inspiring, and together with current and emerging trends, I am convinced there are opportunities to discover new innovative customer services and solutions. In my role as VP Product Management and Support Center, the mission is to ensure that we have a product portfolio that always exceeds our customers’ expectations.

What previous experiences will you bring to your new role at Regin?
First and foremost, I will bring my experience of always keeping and ear to the ground regarding customers’ needs and competitors’ offerings. I look forward to the transition from intelligent vehicle technology to smart building management and contribute to taking Regin’s offering in proptech to the next level. With a deep understanding of agile development in a broader perspective, I have experience and tools to lead and develop the product organization to meet the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. I also have an ambition to leverage my experience in sustainability and take the vision from a strategic level to be implemented in the business.

What are your driving forces and goals in your new role?
For me, it’s important the personal motivations are in line with the professional ones. That was one of the reasons why I chose to join Regin, as I’m driven by working with development and improvements that creates real value for both customers and internally in the company. The goal in my new role as a responsible for product management is primarily about ensuring competitive solutions, leveraging the technical expertise within the company, and developing the working methods in the product management organization. This also entails an ambition to deepen the collaboration with our customers to ensure a user-friendly and accessible product portfolio that supports the development of energy efficient building solutions.