New powerful EXOcompact models

Let's introduce our new future-proof EXOcompact models of freely programmable controllers for applications and system integration, EXOcompact Ardo, EXOcompact Eedo and EXOcompact Vido.

They are equipped with a two times faster processor, a significantly greater memory capacity for larger programs and web pages with improved memory access speed. They are also optimized to handle many parallel tasks with retained top-speed.

In the EXOcompact models you find the built-in webserver Controller Web, based on future technology with HTML5, which provides you with the tools you need for flexible commissioning and handling. It enables you to reach and control your system from any web browser on your cell phone, tablet or PC, providing real time data.

The Modbus Master-functionality has received a major facelift and is supported on both RTU and TCP. The new Multi-master Modbus makes it possible to connect to 3rd party products with different settings from one controller while its’ advanced error handling, debugging and commissioning tools make integration a breeze.

The EXOcompact Ardo models with built-in webserver, will be available in stock week 29. The other models will be available in September.