New functions and simple configuration in our pre-programmed room controllers

With the brand-new software, Regio version 1.7, the Regio Midi pre-programmed room controllers, are now configured in Application tool*. This will be the only tool you need to be King of your Room Control!

We are happy to provide you with the benefits of smooth and efficient functionalities, particularly suitable for hotels, hospitals, offices and other commercial buildings such as shopping malls.

- The new support of 6-way valves enables installation of Regio in fan coil applications commonly found in hotels and in many other types of buildings.

- Connected to the operating mode of the Regio, the new extra zone control function makes it possible to run the underfloor heating in a bathroom, with the same presence triggers as for the principal room.

- Last but not least: you can use the multiload-function in Application tool if you have many units of Regio Midi sharing the same configuration. It saves you many hours of work!

Click here for download of Application tool.

*All Regio Midi models from version 1.6 and later are now possible to configure in Application tool version 1.0-1-15-0021. It makes it easy to handle most of your Regio Midi room controllers in one tool.

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