It's getting colder - here are some useful tips!

Very soon, winter is coming in many parts of the world and here are some tips from Regin to help you save money and energy!

Give your buildings a full mechanical review and make sure damper actuators close fully, thermal actuators are accurately set, that there is no duct leakage, etc.
Make sure your system is set properly and that all parameters are correctly configured.
Review operating hours and set time channels and holiday calendars to reduce energy consumption.
Check all supply temperatures. Do they need to be increased to avoid frost damage to the heating coil? Are there any excess temperatures anywhere? Is it possible to optimize the supply flow curve in any way?
Review the temperature variations in various parts of the building. Is it possible to reduce the temperatures in stairwells, basements, warehouses or the like?
Check how the heat exchangers are running, for instance via operational alarms. An inactive heat exchanger may lead to huge costs.

And don’t forget to make your workday easier by remembering to replace the batteries in your flashlight, keeping your hands warm and make sure you have anti-freeze, an ice-scraper and a reflective vest in your car.