Increase the property value with reduced energy use

By optimizing the energy use of a property, you save a lot of money on an ongoing basis. In the long run, it also has a positive impact on the climate, since reduced energy use gives less carbon dioxide emissions. These gains are most people are aware of, but there is more to win. "Another major advantage is that the market value of the property may rise with reduced energy use," says Anders Torsell, Sales Manager Sweden in Regin.

In many ways, it is, therefore, worthwhile to invest in solutions that reduce energy use in buildings. In addition to achieving lower operating costs, there is a potential increase in the property's market value, since the value often is calculated on the basis of operating net *, i.e. the property's cash flow.
"An increased market value not only has significance the day you are going to sell your property but can also give stronger financial ratios and better lending conditions and such," says Anders Torsell.

Take advantage of your property data

In order to save energy, you need to have knowledge of your property and understand what it is that costs. By installing a control system for building automation and at the same time implementing Regin's cloud service Arrigo EMS, it is possible to analyze data and get a clear picture of the effect of various energy-saving measures in the property. Then, the right adjustments can be made to achieve maximum energy optimization.
"Arrigo EMS is based on an open platform that can be integrated with most control systems. Here you get access to simple analysis tools that make it easy to make forecasts, comparisons and follow up on results," says Anders.

* Net operating income (The cash flow of the property): Rental income - Property costs (operation, maintenance, heating, property tax, land lease fees, etc.).

Arrigo. The comprehensive platform for connected buildings.

The scalable platform Arrigo covers all aspects of the management of a connected building. Arrigo provides building management, energy management, and facility management in one. Arrigo comes with an intuitive interface with real-time access to relevant information allowing you to take instant action from any mobile device. Whether you are a building owner or an integrator working with Regin’s EXOscada today, Arrigo is the next step into the future generation of building management.

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Here you can read more about our scalable platform Arrigo that provides building management, energy management and facility management in one.

Arrigo for building owners

Building owners and facility executives need to ensure safe and efficient processes for a productive indoor environment. The building management platform Arrigo presents straightforward solutions to the five major challenges for building owners and facility managers.

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