Heating solutions with new backup features and increased flexibility

At Regin, we continuously develop our products to create the best solutions for installers and integrators. We want to increase flexibility and make your daily work as quick and easy as possible. Now we are glad to introduce a number of new features that we know many of you have been waiting for!

The following news are included in the software update* for our Heating solutions, based on Exigo Ardo and Exigo Vido 4.2:

- New feature for stable temperature transmission via Modbus! Now we can provide a fall-back function that allows the controller to switch to connected outdoor sensors if communication is lost.

- New possibility to connect a backup sensor in your heating system! One of the inputs for extra temp sensors can now be connected as a backup sensor in the hot water regulation, which secures the supply of hot water.

- Now, there is added support of an additional M-Bus meter to connect an electrical meter. This gives better monitoring of the electrical energy consumption.

- New function for cooling limitation! Now you can easily limit the cooling setpoint in the Heating system which enables a smoother reaction in district cooling, in case of less cooling capacity.

* Software update Exigo 4.2-1-04 to be find in Application tool version 1.0-1-15-0021.

Click here for download of Application tool.

Regin’s heating solutions include clever functions for energy savings in buildings. Exigo can communicate with up to 16 wireless sensors. By averaging you can influence the set control curve in a more efficient way. If you have an M-bus connected energy meter, there are functions for power control. Exigo can monitor and control as many as 10 pumps via Modbus. All configuration is easily made via the new Application tool!

The heart of heating at Regin is Exigo, our controllers for heating and boiler control. But in order to get a complete heating solution we can also provide you with such as sensors and transmitters, valves and actuators, wireless sensors and external displays.

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