Energy efficient systems with optimized hydronic flow

PRESSURE-INDEPENDENT CONTROL VALVES are the ideal solution for any modern HVAC system. Besides saving operating costs and being easy to install, they reduce pump power and always ensure the correct flow in partial and full load situations. The valves automatically keep the differential pressure on a constant level, no matter the load conditions. This ensures stable and precise temperature control.


✓ Select the valve based on the load requirement
✓ Skip KV-, pressure drop-, and valve authority calculations and save hours
✓ When the system changes and new zones are added there is no need to rebalance the system.

At Regin, we provide pressure-independent control valves and matching actuators for reliable and sustainable systems. Our latest addition to the range is the new RVAZ2 actuator series. Besides being compatible with most zone valves available on the market, the series fits perfectly with our PCMTV/PCTVS series of pressure-independent control valves.

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PCMTV / PCTVS - Pressure independent control valves, DN15-32, 2.7/6 mm stroke

RVAZ2 - Valve actuator, 24 V or 230 V supply voltage and 0...10 V or 2– point/3-point control