CLOUDigo facilitates building management and pays off quickly

At the Swedish exhibition Nordbygg, we showcased our smart concept for complete ventilation control. Regins controller Corrigo is commonly used for control of ventilation systems in small and medium-sized buildings but may also be a part of a more complex system, through standardized communication protocols such as BACnet. Corrigo is one of the most configurable and flexible controllers on the market.

We had a chat with Patrik Göransson, Business Developer at Regin Sweden, about the benefits you get when connecting Corrigo to our CLOUDigo portal.

“Hi Patrik. According to you, what are the main advantages when adding CLOUDigo to a control system for ventilation?”

CLOUDigo connected with Corrigo makes up a reliable system that simplifies the work for installers and service technicians, who easily get access to all data and logging in a building regardless of where they are physically located.
In essence, CLOUDigo may act as a “MINI-SCADA”, facilitating installation and commissioning of a control system for heating or ventilation. Set-up time is minimal compared to installing and programming a complete SCADA-system. Yet, you still have the possibility to configure a wide variety of functions through maybe, the most flexible control system on the market. In many cases, this solution will meet all your requirements as well as achieve the highest possible ROI (Return on investment).

“What does that mean in practice?”

For a service technician, it saves significant time since tasks and activities for a group of buildings can be supervised and managed from your mobile phone or computer. Alarms are pushed to the technician, adjustments can be made remotely and most importantly, CLOUDigo can be used to establish the urgency of any issue. More generally, it also makes information about the building more accessible for all stakeholders, something that facilitates decision-making of all kinds.