Maximum flexibility to realize your OEM ideas

Working with Regin, you get a well-experienced partner and everything you need for a successful OEM-project. With our new Ready Steady Go ventilation concept, you have an opportunity to grow your business cost-efficiently. Already in the design phase, we prepare our products for the OEM-market ensuring smart design for manufacturers who want to integrate Corrigo into their products.

The most outstanding feature of our ventilation controller Corrigo is its flexibility. The controller has plenty of integrated functionality, some regard it as a freely programmable controller, from a ventilation point of view. Corrigo can easily be expanded with more IO:s. Just use our differential pressure transmitter Presigo to place decentralized IO:s where you need them in the AHU.

As an OEM-customer it is easy to handle the solution. Through web-based technology and communication, you can access live data from running units that give you as a producer, important insights for future development. If you have any requirements that aren’t realized today, Regin’s experienced development team will solve it and implement it into the controller.

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