Corrigo – the smart cornerstone in our Ventilation concept

We are proud to present one of the most user-friendly and versatile controllers on the market. New powerful Corrigo 5.0 is a configurable controller for ventilation, that can be used stand-alone or integrated into a system. Corrigo has a lot of functionality, easily accessible via the integrated HTML5 web interface or Application tool.

When choosing Corrigo, it is possible to create a complete energy-saving solution for control of ventilation applications in a building. It provides all important functionalities within ventilation, temperature and humidity control and air quality. Everything to create a comfortable indoor climate. Corrigo can easily be connected to Application tool, a PC-based software with preset templates and a tool to make all configurations quick and easy.  

The controller is prepared for communication with up to 20 external devices and configured for fast and seamless integration with EC fans, frequency converters and damper actuators. It has several communication ports and a possibility to connect different types of expansion units. Just select and connect! Corrigo supports communication via Modbus, BACnet and EXOline.

As the cornerstone in Regin's Ventilation concept, Corrigo can be completed with a range of displays, pressure transmitters, damper actuators and wireless sensors in order to create the perfect ventilation solution for every specific building.
Corrigo 5.0 has two main models with different supply voltage, Corrigo Ardo with 24 V and Corrigo Vido with 230 V. Corrigo Ardo exists in several versions with a various number of I/O’s.

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Ready Steady Go ventilation

At Regin we want to provide you with a reliable installation and we always strive to make your work simple and time efficient. We call it Ready Steady Go!

Create a complete ventilation solution

We provide you with everything needed to get the perfect ventilation control no matter what type of building. Make sure to complete your Corrigo ventilation solution!

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