A winning strategy saving millions

Using smart solutions and a holistic perspective, Systeminstallation from Varberg, Sweden has reduced energy costs for the transport company Schenker by SEK 100 million in 10 years. “We have developed a consistent strategy for energy saving, which can be applied to many buildings. It has given an incredible effect,” says Bobo Ekelundh, partner at Systeminstallation.

Schenker Property runs about 30 terminal buildings in Sweden. Earlier, the buildings where lit even when there was no activity. That is no longer the case.

- No lights or fans are on unless they are needed. We keep track of the effect used for district heating and electricity and the terminal gates are only open when used. The indoor temperature is regulated and buildings are energy optimized. We are rigorous; measuring, checking and adjusting. It gives us a clear and correct view of what we have to work with, says Bobo Ekelundh (to the right in the picture, together with Thomas Hedén, property manager at Schenker property).

Global energy saver of the year

During Northern Europe's largest construction industry exhibition Nordbygg, Systeminstallation received a Regin Energy Saver Award for the energy-saving solution of the year. The competition gives attention to installers and system integrators of smart automation solutions, reducing energy use in buildings.

- This awards means a lot to us. Together with our employees and Schenker we have reached amazing results when it comes to environmental benefits and reduced cost. We have exclusively used Regin products, aiming for flexibility and digitalization.

The work continues

Systeminstallation has worked with Schenker for many years. The next step in the long-term plan is education. The energy strategy is continuously being rolled out, and now the aim is to make the staff working in the terminal buildings aware of that their efforts matter.

- Winning the Regin Energy Saver Awards is proof that our work makes a difference. We get attention from more players wanting to undergo the same evolution as Schenker. For example, we have received requests from large property owners and hotels, says Bobo Ekelundh.