Arrigo for building owners

Arrigo. Straightforward solutions to the five major challenges for building owners

Building owners and facility executives need to ensure safe and efficient processes for a productive indoor environment. This typically implies managing multiple systems, such as building management systems, energy optimization services, access control, etc. The building management platform Arrigo presents straightforward solutions to the five major challenges for building owners and facility managers.

Challenge Energy optimization

Controlling costs while ensuring good indoor environments is probably one of the most critical challenges for any facility manager. Getting full control of building data from multiple sources to enable informed decisions is vital. Arrigo aggregates all data in one platform. You get access to powerful functions for in-depth analysis of your collected energy data. Analyze your costs, optimize performance and increase the property's cash flow and asset value.

Challenge Extending Asset Lifespan

Arrigo is optimized to work seamlessly with Regin controllers and field products. This means that future versions of Arrigo are designed to ensure maximum backward compatibility with existing Regin systems. This way, you can feel assured that your installations are future-proofed for many years to come.

Challenge Manage outsourced services

With everything connected in Arrigo, you can easily keep costs under control by monitoring your service providers. Import the data you want and connect the people you work with to Arrigo to keep track of tasks, costs, and services. Ensure they receive all tasks, notifications, and alarms directly from Arrigo.

Challenge Plan operation and maintenance

Arrigo helps facility managers and building owners to plan and keep track of maintenance data and day-to-day operations. Arrigo delivers regular reports on the status of all monitored equipment and field products by providing:

  • fault statistics
  • operating time of specific components
  • alerts for preemptive maintenance and service

This gives users full control, enabling timely, informed decisions and corrective actions. This reduces costs and operational incidents while improving productivity across the entire operation.

Challenge Record keeping and data analysis

Typically, facility managers and building owners are often overwhelmed with records from day-to-day operations to minutes of meetings, stock inventory, repairs and services.

Arrigo helps you meet this challenge with efficient tools for:

  • planned maintenance
  • error reports
  • damage reports
  • government inspection reports
  • service requests
  • document management
  • journals
  • and much more...

Arrigo. One comprehensive platform for all building data.

High performance buildings

The scalable platform Arrigo covers the complete scope of applications needed for connected high-performing buildings. Arrigo encompasses smart applications for building management, energy management, and facility management. Based on all data collected in Arrigo, building owners and facility managers can implement and follow up on strategies to ensure a high level of comfort at a minimal amount of energy for heating, cooling, illumination, ventilation, and more during operation.

All your data. In one platform.

Arrigo is an efficient tool for integrators who want to provide their customers with outstanding user experience and add-value services. The Arrigo BMS application aggregates data from all your Regin systems and subsystems, including IT systems, hotel booking systems, cloud services, etc. Data is consumed through an intuitive and responsive interface based on dashboards and smart widgets. A shared source of data for building owners, caretakers, and system integrators enables effective collaboration, swift decision making, and instant follow-up on implemented actions.

Always in control. Always ready.

Innovation through time-saving design

Work from any device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Arrigo welcomes all users to an intuitive interface. Your working area adapts perfectly to any kind of screen. Regardless of whether you’re a facility manager, caretaker, or energy Consultant, Arrigo gives you quick access to critical parameters for easy configuration wherever you are, supporting your workflow no matter if you’re on a large monitor, a laptop, or a smart device.

Arrigo widgets. Little space, great benefits.

Arrigo widgets are smart, easy-to-use applications with a graphical interface that work with real-time data and offer valuable insights on the most important parameters. Some of the most commonly used widgets are alarms widgets and trend widgets. An Arrigo widget can consist of various components, such as text fields, tabbed panels, graphic animations, or interactive SVG animations.

Arrigo Dashboards. Everything in one place. Always.

Arrigo dashboards are made up of Arrigo widgets and are responsive to any mobile device. The widgets provide real-time visibility into critical data and centralize all information in one place.

Dashboards are the primary bricks of a user interface. A set of navigable dashboards allows drilling down from top-level executive statistics to detailed information on individual devices and services.

Customized views. The way you like it.

When it comes to BMS-systems, every user has different routines. Some start their day by checking the alarm logs, others focus on energy consumption. Arrigo helps all platform users save time through custom views based on their most-used widgets. This way, every user starts Arrigo based on their version of a dashboard - just the way they want it. With instant, real-time access to viable information. Anytime. Anywhere.

Custom views. Create once. Use everywhere.

Arrigo is designed to fulfill the needs of building management teams in their daily work in and around buildings. Everybody can get instant access to information relevant to their specific role.

Property Owner

  • Overview of energy usage
  • Reduced net operation cost over time
  • Dedicated staff that want to make a difference

Operating Technician

  • Overview for control
  • Fast way to alarms and support tickets
  • Fast access to logged data

Operating Manager

  • Knowing who’s doing what
  • Reports to management
  • Overview of priorities

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