Become a Regin Partner

Become a Regin partner

We have a well-established international network of certified Regin partners - experienced system integrators who carry out projects by programming, installing and commissioning our products.

At Regin we are always looking for long-term relationships with system integrators. We have a continuous dialogue to ensure quality and time-efficiency in our products and in your projects. We offer support in your projects and your sales and marketing processes to help you grow your business successfully. Your success is our success!

Regin Academy

Regin Academy is our training center where we can help you to keep up to date with our system development. Moreover, we offer support in your first projects and help you get up to speed in short time.

Certification levels

Regin offers two levels of certifications within the framework of the partner network, Regin Certified Integrators and Regin Gold Certified Integrators.

Regin Certified Integrators

  • Primarily handle Regin's system products
  • Are RCI certified by the Regin Academy and have completed courses in Regin's systems
  • Can advance to RGCI - Gold Certified Integrator by taking all of the courses

Regin Gold Certified Integrators

  • Handle all of Regin's products and systems
  • Are RGCI certified by the Regin Academy and have completed all the courses
  • Have access to reference plants (for study visits)
  • Have access to extensive technical support from Regin