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Here you can find a selection of international reference projects. The building automation solutions are performed by our broad network of Regin certified integrators.

Smart systems manage the water treatment in the swimming hall of Solna

In 2022, the area of Kvarteret Poolen was developed, consisting of two distinct properties in a three-dimensional division. Solna Municipality owns the impressive swimming hall, while Fabege is responsible for the office building resting on the roof of the swimming hall. In collaboration with EnviroProcess, Regin’s partner TWS System AB has successfully demonstrated how Regin’s control system can be used for sustainable water management in large facilities.

Future-proof solutions in the holiday paradise of Center Parcs

For over 50 years, Center Parcs has provided innovative holiday destinations for families. This popular chain can be visited in Germany, the Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom, with each destination carefully selected for the natural environment. During the past three decades, Regin has been responsible for delivering smart building automation in these unique facilities.

Customized building technology in Liseberg’s new anniversary hotel

Liseberg is one of the most popular family destinations in the Nordics. In celebration of the amusement park's 100th anniversary, a major investment has been made in a water park along with an experience hotel close to the park. Regin's partner, Systeminstallation, has been involved in the partnership project from the start. In April 2023, the first phase of the project was completed, and the energy-optimized and precision-controlled Grand Curiosa Hotel could open its doors for the first time.

Focus on a productive indoor climate in the Swedish prestige building Platinan

The requirements for an energy-efficient and productive indoor climate are high in Platinan, a new landmark building in Gothenburg. The proptech company Keylogic, a part of Systeminstallation, has chosen Regin as a system provider for the room control technology in Vasakronan’s new building. Flexible systems and close collaboration became important factors in the success of the project.

Scalable solution paves the way for energy-efficient properties

The real estate company Mannersons is a fifth-generation company that has been part of the urban development in Linköping for over 130 years. The property portfolio amounts to around 50 properties containing both commercial premises and residences. For some time, Regin’s partner Vesam has been running a project with the aim of automating, connecting, and optimizing heat management in the buildings.

Smart heating control systems reduce energy consumption in the Swedish municipality

Lower costs, easy handling, and an increased service level. These were the results when the Swedish energy supplier Tranås Energy was commissioned to replace outdated district heating substations at Tranås municipality’s industrial- and apartment buildings.

Complete energy control of the Swedish winery Ästad Vingård

In the middle of a nature reserve in southwest Sweden, one of the country's largest wineries, Ästad Vingård, is located. Here, everything is about creating a nature experience with sustainability in focus, which places high demands on effective property management.

The value of Real Estate data is the new hard currency for building owners

Owning building data has become a new currency in the real-estate business. ”Building data has moved to the strategic agenda of many real estate companies. In many cases, data ownership can be the decisive competitive factor for developing services and customer value.”, says Gunnar Åberg, EVP Product Management at AB Regin.

Innovative solutions mitigate the environmental impact of nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is 300 times more harmful to the climate than CO2 and is used in many settings in the healthcare system as a treatment for pain, stress, and anxiety. Medclair has together with Regin's partner Ehlin & Larsson developed an innovative, patented solution for collecting nitrous oxide, then decomposing the gas into harmless oxygen and nitrogen.

Connected heat control provides future-proof buildings

Some time ago, TKA Styr & Regler was commissioned to find a new heating solution in several older rental properties in Linköping, Sweden. The assignment concerned a large number of facilities, where none of the properties had been digitally connected before the project was initiated.

HSB Göta invests in sustainable climate control

For a long time, HSB Göta has focused on creating sustainable building solutions for tenant-owner associations interested in conducting energy-saving measures and minimizing their building's carbon footprint.

Scalable facility management platform drives energy savings in Nacka municipality

In 2010, the new European goals for energy efficiency in properties were established. Nacka, a Swedish municipality with approximately 100 000 inhabitants in the Stockholm region, faced the challenge of improving their process to systematic measuring and assessing their energy savings according to the new guidelines.

Healthcare Saving energy in pharmaceuticals manufacturing plants

McNeil not only had an interest in reducing their energy consumption, but also their CO2 emissions. The solution was to implement control systems and demand controlled ventilation from Regin, which gave full control over the property. Today, McNeil is the first Johnson & Johnson manufacturer to be fully CO2 neutral, thanks to their proficient use of Regin's control system.

Riksbyggen invests in sustainable heat management

As one of Sweden’s largest building managers, Riksbyggen is investing in system development and Artificial Intelligence to create a clear service package that helps condominium customers to optimize their energy use in the long term.

Logistics A winning strategy saving millions

Using smart solutions and a holistic perspective, Systeminstallation from Varberg, Sweden has reduced energy costs for the transport company Schenker by SEK 100 million in 10 years.

Bank Substantial energy savings and high return on investments in building automation project

Maximum energy efficiency and a return on investments (ROI) in less than five years were crucial factors in UNo eNG Srl obtaining the contract for an energy savings project in Padova, Italy.

School The ventilation solution that saved an entire school

The ventilation and air quality in the Korsavad School in Simrishamn, Sweden was so poor that the school was threatened with closing. Located in Tomelilla, the company Lindsténs Elektriska was tasked with saving the situation, restoring all systems to normal operation as quickly as possible. (note: on October 1st 2018, Lindsténs Elektriska was aquired by Bravida)

Pharmaceutical factory Vietnamese pharmaceutical factory gets the right prescription

Many manufacturing plants around the world have clinical environments, placing very high demands on indoor climate control. Ventilation, humidity, temperature and many other factors must all be precisely controlled to ensure the consistent manufacture of flawless products.

Mövenpick Hotel du lac Tunis

Five-star hotel comfort in Tunisia! Smart programming combines high comfort with energy savings resulting in significantly reduced costs. Check out the video!

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