Controllers with PI-control, 230...400 V AC, wall mounting

Wall mounted electric heating controller intended for control of radiators or electric heating coils. It is a complete controller with built-in sensor and setpoint adjustment. It pulses the whole load on/off and utilises time-proportional triac control. Both automatic control function adaptation, P- or PI-control and supply voltage adaptation, 230 V / 400 V.


(1 st)
  • PULSER-M - Regin
    Electric heating controller with min./max. limitation


Specifications for Controllers with PI-control, 230...400 V AC, wall mounting
Supply voltage 230...400 (210 - 415 V ~ 50/60 Hz 16 A)
Pulse period 60 s
Mounting Wall
Power dissipation 20 W of heat at full load
Protection class IP20
P-band 20 K (rapid temperature changes), 1.5 K (slow temperature changes)
I-time 6 min (rapid temperature changes)
Ambient temperature 0…30°C
Ambient humidity Max. 90 % RH, non-condensing
Storage temperature -40…+50°C
Dimensions 95 x 153 x 41mm
Cable connection Cage clamp
Output load Resistive load, max 16 A, min 1 A
Sensor inputs External main sensor and external sensor for temperature limitation
Setpoint range 0...30 °C
Setpoint alternatives Either internal setpoint potentiometer or external setting device
Night setback 0...10 K
Indication Red LED that is lit when power is pulsed to the heater