Arrigo BMS (Building Management System)

Arrigo BMS is a building management system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building´s mechanical and electrical equipment such as heating, ventilation and zone control. Can also be integrated together with lighting, fire systems and security systems.

  • Dashboard - Completely new function concept focused to minimize work, sources of error and to be device independent
  • User experience - Arrigo provides a framework of functionality and is built with information flow as the focus
  • Integration with EXOscada - Your future is secured with Arrigo if you have EXOscada today
  • Connectivity - Arrigo highlights the possibilities with connections to different data sources, APIs for other programs and powerful programming via Javascript


(7 st)
  • ARR1-CORE - Regin
    Arrigo BMS Core license with 200 I/O, including one year free updates
  • ARR1-IO-100 - Regin
    Package with 100 I/O for Arrigo BMS
  • ARR1-IO-500 - Regin
    Package with 500 I/O for Arrigo BMS
  • ARR1-IO-10000 - Regin
    Package with 10 000 I/O for Arrigo BMS.
  • ARR1-OPC-CLIENT - Regin
    OPC Client for Arrigo BMS, One license needed for each OPC Server attached
  • ARR1-NIMBUS - Regin
    License for Nimbus Alarm Server
  • EXODS-BC - Regin
    EXO Data source BACnet OPC server (software key)