Controller for duct mounting

Compact controller for mounting in ventilation ducts. The controller has a built-in sensor and setpoint control. An external setpoint potentiometer can be connected if required. Can be used to control either heating or cooling. P- or PI-control optional.

The controller has an input for change-over between heating and cooling. The change-over function can be activated by means of an external closing contact or a sensor mounted on the supply-water side of the heating/cooling unit.


(1 st)
  • AL24A1K - Regin
    Duct controller, one 0...10 V DC output
Specifications for Controller for duct mounting
Supply voltage 24 V AC, 2 VA
Output One, 0...10 V DC
Setpoint 0...30°C
P-band 0.5...50 K
I-time 2 min/20 min, selectable
Change-over Input for closing contact or sensor (0...30°C)
Mounting Duct
Protection class IP65

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