The development process behind Regin’s new room controller Regio RCX

We are introducing our new intuitive room controller Regio RCX – for a true demand-controlled indoor climate in zone-regulated areas. Gunnar Åberg, Product Manager, provides valuable insights into the project's journey from start to end.

Could you provide a brief overview of the project’s background and motivations?
The project was initiated in response to the identified growing demand for flexible, user-friendly, and demand-controlled systems. We aimed to develop a product that could be easily commissioned, not just during the initial installation process, but also during subsequent adjustments. Early on, we prioritized UX design efforts, collaborating closely with customers to understand their perspectives on current and future interfaces. The strategy led us to a customer-focused ‘less is more’ principle, where we decided to expand the number of sensors while broadening the capabilities of our app, Regin:GO, further simplifying the installation and commissioning process.

Can you outline the steps taken to ensure usability and elaborate on the design choices?
Usability and design choices have been two key priorities in this project. As mentioned earlier, our initial objective was to develop a product with a simple installation process. However, another crucial aspect we prioritized was the importance of the product, despite the extensive functionality, being comprehensible for the end user. This led us to place significant focus on creating an intuitive and straightforward symbol language to enhance accessibility.

In terms of the design process, our primary focus has been on developing a room controller that seamlessly blends against the wall, offering a sleek, minimalist design. The aim is for the controller to complement for example various hotel and office styles. For instance, this led to the development of the night mode function, preventing disturbances with irritating lights. During discussions with our customers, we recognized the challenge of maintaining cleanliness with a traditional display. This knowledge prompted a significant design shift, moving away from the traditional display and developing a LED matrix display.

How does the release strengthen Regin’s offering within the room controller range?
Regin builds on a strong tradition of providing comprehensive room solutions. Throughout this project, a key challenge has been introducing new functionality while preserving the strengths of our previous product. Even with the revised design, our main priority was to ensure that our customers could still identify the user interface. We are very proud that with this release, we have developed a product that retains the core functionality of Regin but with an expanded scope of use and improved design. Offering more I/O options, flexible software, and additional sensors, we have incorporated a wealth of functionality into a compact unit. Looking ahead, we hope that our customers find value in this new product series, discovering new ways to achieve a truly demand-controlled indoor climate.

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