New system and service releases!

Efficient configuration with EXO2024

We continually strive to improve our services by developing configuration software that streamlines the use of our freely programmable devices.

Now, we are introducing our next-generation configuration tool, EXO2024, designed to optimize workflows for integrators. With the capability to import and export lists of Modbus variables, it’s easier to get started. This improvement is also part of our ongoing project to explore additional import and export possibilities in upcoming releases.

In addition to the ability to import and export lists, we have also simplified the process of testing Add:IO in the early stages of a project. Through a factory application, provided in EXOreal along with a text display (E3-DSP, ED-T7, or built-in display), it is possible to select any connected Add:IO, read inputs, and configure outputs. With configurable I/O, it is also possible to set up how the input and output should be used (such as DI, 0-10V, PT1000).

Service release for our controllers Exigo and Corrigo

Our ambition is for our pre-programmable controllers to be easy to install, configure, and maintain. We are working closely with our customers to identify improvements. Now, we are presenting two new service updates for both our heating controller, Exigo, and our ventilation controller, Corrigo.

In the service update for Corrigo 5.0, we have added functionality that allows the control of DX-split units—a type of direct expansion air conditioning system.

In the service update for Exigo 4.3, numerous new features have been incorporated. The most crucial changes include:

✓ Alarm on low circulation return temperature in Hot water system
✓ Sum-Alarm readable via Modbus
✓ Visualization of Primary temperature in text display
✓ Add configuration of serial ports to the text display
✓ Manual overwrite of outputs via Modbus
✓ Settings for Pump shutoff will be available in CLOUDigo
✓ Solved a problem in function “Pump/Valve exercise”
✓ Solved a problem in function “Split valve”
✓ Small adjustments in translation