Meet Regio RCX – Regin’s new room controller

Transform indoor comfort with our latest release – the new easy-to-understand room controller Regio RCX.

Equipped with the capability to measure temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC*, and PIR*, it becomes possible to achieve a true demand-controlled indoor climate in zone-regulated areas such as offices and hotels. The room controller blends seamlessly against the wall, offering a sleek, minimalist design, and without a standard touch display that catches fingerprints, it's easy to keep clean.

With the introduction of the new room controller, managing displayed information becomes easy. Users can personalize their surroundings using an intuitive symbol language, and in a night mode, turn off or dim the display. The entire installation process, from commissioning to maintenance, is simplified with the Regin:GO app. The range of applications has been developed, providing a variety of I/O options. The new product line seamlessly integrates with our building management system Arrigo, our EXO-system range, as well as different sensors for a comprehensive solution.

VOC = the total amount of volatile organic compounds in the air.
PIR = measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects to detect motion and presence.

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