Time and cost-efficient room control systems based on Regio

The configurable room controllers, Regio Ardo and Regio Eedo, create optimized comfort and energy savings. The controllers can easily be integrated in existing networks and room control can be performed locally or on the web, enabling you to adapt pre-set values, save settings and to control functions regardless of where you are. The units can be used in systems with communication via three open communication protocols: Modbus, BACnet or EXOline. Our Regio room controllers are based on a smart platform ready to meet the future.

To save time in installation and usage is our major priority when developing and designing new products. Regio Ardo and Regio Eedo consist of three parts; a bottom plate, the controller and terminal covers. This makes them easy to mount on walls or under a false ceiling, with the design of the bottom plate enabling rapid cable connection. The controllers have one TCP/IP and two RS485 ports each, as well as an I/O set meeting all possible needs. Regio Ardo and Eedo can be used in practically any room solution, thanks to 10 selectable configurations offering different combinations of heating, cooling and VAV. The units can also be set to run in comfort or energy savings mode, depending on how the room is used.

Two rooms - one controller

Regio Ardo is a 24 V powered controller especially adapted for chilled beams, VAV and radiators. A unique benefit with Regio Ardo is that one single unit can control two individual rooms, halving purchasing costs and simplifying installation. The unit can also control room climate in buildings with flexible spaces having movable walls. This means that it’s easy to switch between either controlling the entire space using a single controller, or to control each zone separately when walls have been mounted. 

Regio Eedo is a 230 V powered controller, primarily used for fan-coil applications. The unit has built-in relay outputs and can control both 3-speed fans and EC fans. 

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