Customized solutions for Hotels and Offices

A workplace, like an office building, should promote productivity. It puts high demands on providing the right indoor conditions when it comes to temperature, lighting and CO2-levels. At the same time offices and meeting rooms are characterized by a high variation in occupancy, a part of the day it may be very busy with many people present and sometimes it is empty. Installing a customized Regin room control solution helps you monitor the heating, cooling and airflow to provide a healthy and energizing indoor climate when needed, and to minimize the energy use when possible.

A growing trend is the emergence of flexible office spaces that can easily be adapted to the occupants’ current needs. Regin can provide you with adaptable wireless solutions and flexible zone control solutions perfectly suitable for larger spaces with removable walls.

Our sustainable hotel solutions save loads of energy without compromising with comfort. By connecting the hotel booking system with all functionalities offered by the BMS, you may control heating, ventilation, lighting and other functions according to occupancy in the rooms. Our flexible solutions are customized to the unique needs of every hotel and can easily be further expanded. Our software tool, Application tool, simplifies installation by using the multiload function configuring hundreds of rooms in less than no time.

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