Heating system with boiler control and two mixed heating circuits

Exigo heating systems: Boiler control and two mixed heating circuits

The Exigo heating controllers offer a ready-made application for the control of boiler and two mixed heating circuits, typically used for floor heating, radiator systems, and more. The application can be downloaded from this website, customized via the application tool and loaded into the controller.

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Description of functions

Outdoor temperature-compensated control for one radiator, convectors, or low temperature heating circuit

  • Time switch for daily, weekly, and holiday programs
  • Optimization of switch-on times
  • Caretaker function, frost protection function
  • Outdoor temperature-compensated heating circuit, with optional room-sensor for adaption
  • Min./max. limiting of supply and return temperature
  • Flash adaption
  • Support operation
  • Capacity limitation with optional energy meter
  • Cooling function - switchover based on outside temperature or digital input

Boiler control of boilers with 1-step

  • Secondary supply temperature control with limitation of the primary return
  • Supply setpoint depending on the demand of HS, HW
  • Optional control of a pump
  • Start- stop- delay


Exigo heating controllers are controllers for heating and boiler control that make every step from installation to operation and maintenance easier than ever. Simply connect the controller, enter any settings as desired, and startup. It can be used either stand-alone or integrated into a network. It has built-in support for many different languages and is designed for mounting on a DIN rail or in a cabinet door.

Exigo Vido - Configurable 230 V heating controller


19 IOs, 1 TCP/IP port, built-in display


19 IOs, 1 RS485 port, 1 TCP/IP port, built-in display


20 IOs, 1 RS485 port, 1 TCP/IP port, 1 M-bus port, built in display

Outdoor temperature sensor

Wireless outdoor temperature sensor with input for external PT1000 sensor TG-R6EW

Wireless outdoor temperature sensor equipped with a terminal for connecting an external PT1000 sensor

Supply and Return temperature sensor

Immersion sensor with housing and well

Immersion sensor for temperature measurement in heating- or cooling applications. Available in different lengths. Insertion length 310 mm is available upon request, please contact Regin for more information.

Clamp-on sensor with cable TG-A1/PT1000

Clamp-on sensor, including clamp (Ø 40 mm max.)

Room temperature sensor

Room sensor with setpoint adjustment

For room temperature measurement. Can also be used solely for setpoint adjustment.

Wireless room temperature and humidity sensor HTRT5W

Wireless room temperature and humidity sensor

Average temperature measurement


ZMD - 2- and 3-way control valves DN15-40, kvs 0.25-25, 5.5 mm stroke

Externally threaded control valves intended for use in heating and cooling systems together with the RVAZ4… series of electromechanical actuators. A hand wheel for manual operation is delivered with the valve.

ETRS - 3-way control valves DN15-50, kvs 0.63-40, 20 mm stroke, DZR

Valves intended for control of cold, hot and glycol-mixed water in heating, ventilation and when DZR material is a requirement (DZR = Dezincification Resistant). The valves are intended to be used together with Regin’s RVAN5 actuators. RVAN10 actuators can also be used if larger actuating force is required. The valve is supplied with a cover lid for converting the 3-way valve into a 2-way valve.

BF - 2- and 3-way control valves, DN15-50, kvs 0.63-40, 20 mm stroke

Valves designed for control of hot, cold or glycol-mixed water in heating and ventilation systems. The valves are intended for use together with Regin’s RVAN5…/RVAN10… actuators.


Valve actuator 400 N, 5.5 mm stroke, 0...10 V or 3-position control RVAZ4-230

The RVAZ4 series of valve actuators are easy to mount and have a clear position indication which shows the position of the actuator. The actuator has manual manoeuvring. The RVAZ4 models are intended for use together with Regin's valve ranges ZTV/ZTR and ZMD. The RVAZ4L1 models can be used for different brands of valves in combination with the OVA-L1 adapter.

Valve actuators, 500-2500 N, 230 V supply voltage and 3-point control

Valve actuator for control of Regin’s range of valves. Available in models with actuator force of 500, 1000, 1800 or 2500 N. The actuators can be operated manually with the manual override mechanism on the lid. Using an adapter kit, the actuator can also be adapted for use with other valves on the market.

M-Bus meters

Compact ultrasonic energy meters

Externally threaded, compact energy meters with built-in ultrasonic flow meter, intended for heating or cooling. We offer many different options, see the product sheet for more information.

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