Standardized heating control systems

Efficient control of heating systems in public and commercial buildings

Profitable investments. Standard solutions for heating applications.

One of the major challenges for building owners is ensuring profitable energy investments. This means achieving maximum efficiency of the heating plants in the building while providing comfortable conditions for the occupants. Finding sufficient solutions is key.

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Exigo heating systems. Saving money through efficiency.

At Regin, we believe in smart automation technology for climate control in buildings. Our solutions empower system integrators, manufacturers, and facility owners with reliable tools that save energy and time. Our R&D teams continuously improve our solutions, ensuring future-proof and sustainable installations.

Efficient heating system design. No programming required!

Exigo is Regin's product family of easy-to-use compact controllers for heating substations. They are designed for building operators who are looking for cost- and time-effective replacements of old heating control systems, or building owners who are interested in standardizing the heating control systems in their building stock.

The most prominent benefit of the Exigo family is its versatility in terms of functionality. Instead of programming advanced heating control functions, system designers and operators take advantage of essential preconfigured standard applications.

With a wide range of standard applications for district heating systems, boilers, solar circuits, and buffer tanks, Exigo will meet almost any system requirement. It is also equipped with control options for up to four heating/cooling circuits and two domestic hot water circuits.

Swedish Riksbyggen's investment in sustainable heat management saves money for tenant-owner associations

As one of Sweden's largest housing associations, Riksbyggen is investing in system development and Artificial Intelligence to create a clear service package that helps condominium customers to optimize their energy use in the long term.

With the help of efficient technology, it is possible to make very profitable investments in energy efficiency. It is often possible to achieve savings of between 15-20%, says Göran Danling, Business Developer and process manager for Energy Services at Riksbyggen

Designed for cost-efficient system adaptation. Whenever it suits you.

Regin's Exigo heating system is designed to empower building owners with a vast array of cost-efficient future opportunities. At any time, it is easy to change the system and add the functionality that is needed.

The Exigo heating controller is the heart of your system. With its support for various communication protocols and thanks to various expansion options, Exigo gives you the freedom to quickly expand and adapt the system as soon as new needs occur.

  • Receive values of the outdoor temperature via Modbus
  • Connect up to 16 wireless sensors
  • Communication with up to 10 pumps via Modbus
  • Monitor consumption data via communication with up to 10 M-Bus meters
  • Flexibility in the number of terminals with possible expansion with up to 2 Expansion units

Truly scalable. Smooth and seamless integration

With an Exigo being the center of the heating control system, energy engineers get great flexibility in planning the system with confidence that all network requirements of today and tomorrow will be met. A wide variety of communication options makes it possible to connect additional sensors or meters for precise control of the system, to connect to meters of various external providers, or to integrate the heating system with the existing BMS or additional heat networks, enabling full control from the supervisory level.

Future-proofed through open communication protocols

The Exigo heating controllers use open communication protocols to give system architects the best opportunities to modify and grow the system

  • BACnet IP for connection with the automation and management level of a BMS via Ethernet.
  • BACnet MS/TP for serial communication with the automation and management level of a BMS.
  • Modbus TCP for the establishment of master-slave/client-server communication between intelligent devices via Ethernet
  • Modbus RTU for the establishment of serial master-slave/client-server communication between intelligent devices.

Configuring, commissioning and maintenance made easy. Full control from anywhere.

Fast and easy start-up on site

Regin's heating controller Exigo is designed with usability and customer experience in focus. This is what makes it fast, easy, and very cost-efficient to install and configure.

For installers on-site, it is easy to download the right application directly into the controller. The simple navigation system of the display makes it quick and easy to configure all settings.

Configuration and commissioning on the fly. Application tool.

The configuration software Application tool gives system integrators easy access to the preset applications in the controller. Application tool gives access to energy-efficiency functions, such as effect-limitation, monitoring of energy consumption. It also makes it possible to create functions with wireless sensors.

CLOUDigo - your own Mini BMS. The cost efficient solution for remote heating control

CLOUDigo gives building owners one of the most flexible control systems on the market. The HTML5-based portal can function as a "Mini-BMS" with full functionality, but at a minimum cost and faster and easier installation and commissioning.

Access all values ​​and logs in your properties from any mobile device, regardless of where you are, and start saving time. CLOUDigo detects and categorizes deviations and sends all A-alarms via e-mail to ensure immediate handling.

CLOUDigo reads the configuration of the control system and automatically creates a schematic and dynamic flow image. It provides a good overview of the system while making all setting values ​​accessible. Through different authorization levels, you can control who gets to see and do what. Many building owners also appreciate the simple logging feature that can facilitate troubleshooting and report generation.

Prepared for cloud connection!

Regin's cloud portal for Building Management is equipped with a Graph QL (a query language for your API) gateway for smooth data sharing with other cloud-based systems.

The Regin toolbox for efficient heating solutions. Designed for maximum performance and minimum cost

Every year, we develop and manufacture controllers and components for sustainable heating systems with usability, scalability, and overall cost-efficiency in focus. After 75 years on the market, we know that an efficient heating system is about much more than just the controller. It’s about helping building owners find possibilities for energy savings in every single part of the solution.

Configurable controllers for time-saving installation

Exigo has been developed to be your perfect companion for any challenge where the answer is efficient, intelligent heating solutions and energy savings. The Exigo heating controllers are available in models with 24 V or 230 V, prepared to handle a wide variety of applications from district heating systems to boilers, solar circuits, and buffer tanks with one or several heating circuits. The configurable heating controllers contain loads of smart time-saving features that make it possible to get started in no time. Exigo heating systems are easy and very cost-efficient to design, install, commission, and expand – all according to your specific requirements.

Expand and add functionality as requirements change

Regin heating solutions are designed for cost-optimized installations, while they provide a future-proof basis for development. The heating controllers in the Exigo family are all equipped with one, two, or three communication ports as a standard. As the requirements of a heating system change, it is easy to expand the unit with extension units that provide additional IO:s.

This means that the system can be upgraded step by step, putting you in control of the costs.

Versatile displays for your heating system

Get a full overview of your Exigo heating application with the touch screen display ED-T7. The display adapts automatically to the program inside the Exigo controller. Just connect it to the display port and start configuring your system in an easy-to-use interface.

Configuration made easy for installers

With the E3-DSP stand-alone display and configuration unit installers get access to a simple text display that can be used to change setpoints, adjust heating curves, or start and stop the system. It saves time for installers when the Exigo heating controller is prepared before installation. On-site, the unit is used as a display and is very useful in times when there is no access to Application tool via the computer.

Fine-tune the temperature curve with wireless sensors

Wireless sensors in apartments help to keep an even temperature level and increase energy efficiency. The temperature in specific zones can be controlled and logged automatically. With the transferred values, the Exigo heating system will recalculate and adjust the temperature to ensure a high level of comfort and an even temperature curve everywhere. That way, caretakers don't have to make any manual adjustments to ensure optimum energy consumption.

Regin's range of Go-Wireless sensors includes everything from room-and outdoor sensors to presence detectors with Modbus communication. With Exigo, your system can handle up to 16 wireless temperature sensors with a communication range of up to 300 meters. In other words, you have all you need for an efficient heating system.

Sensors for any requirements of your heating system

Any heating system requires a range of sensors that make it possible to fine-tune your system for optimum performance. At Regin, you find various sensors and transmitters for temperature & humidity, thermostats, and humidistats, as well as advanced wireless sensors for specific requirements.

Valves for high performance heating systems

Regin has a broad range of 2- and 3-way valves with fitting actuators in sizes from DN15 to DN200 with Kvs-values ranging from 0.25 to 550. There are various models, everything from small zone valves including pressure independent control valves (PICV´s) to flanged and large heating valves. At Regin, you also find energy-efficient valves with a 0% leakage rate for long-term savings in your heating systems.

Actuators for valves in heating applications

Regin offers a wide variety of actuators for temperature control. There are models available for most heating applications from 2-point control to control of mixing or diverting valves where intermediate positions are vital for the control of two flows.

Energy meters

Connect energy meters to your building management system and measure the energy consumption of any district heating system or heating system based on for instance radiators, underfloor heating, or convector heating. They are also applicable in any system for the production of domestic hot water. No matter your system composition, you can easily monitor and register any deviations to assure cost-efficiency.