HSB Göta invests in sustainable climate control

For a long time, HSB Göta has focused on creating sustainable building solutions for tenant-owner associations interested in conducting energy-saving measures and minimizing their building's carbon footprint.

Based on a Building Management System HSB Göta offers a comprehensive solution to tenant-owner associations based on Regins portfolio of products for building management and control. This solution can be installed quickly, giving complete control and full insight into the building's energy data. Today, around a hundred tenant-owner associations have implemented this solution to control, monitor, and optimize their energy consumption.

Full control of indoor climate

This solution developed by Klimatkontoret is a unique software application for climate control in buildings that, with minor customizations, can quickly adapt to the requirements of each building and the tenant-owned association. In addition, an energy monitoring service can be connected, making it easy to continuously detect and take actions on any deviations, that supports sustainability and leads to reduced cost and optimized performance. Commissioning takes up to 4 weeks, from start-up to turn-key ready.

Technical description

The solution is designed according to a basic standard with two heating circuits and tap water to control the incoming district heating. The circuits are controlled by a flexible and customizable program in a freely programmable EXOcompact controller from Regin. EXOscada, a supervisory system for Building Management, is connected for monitoring, logging and alarms management for the solution. In the event of deviations, alarms are generated in the local control system and, if applicable, forwarded to any 3rd party systems.

The energy meters are also used to lower energy consumptions by configuring limiting functions. This ensures the integrity of the settings as well as making the solution secure. To maximize energy-savings, reference meters can be installed in each apartment for better control and to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the building. HSB Göta has recently started a project where EXOscada is being converted to Regin's new Arrigo Building Management System. This will open up even further to new possibilities in future integrations.

Estimated energy savings

  • Approximately 10-15 % energy savings when installing the standard concept.
  • 5–10 % energy savings when installing room sensors.

About HSB Göta

HSB Göta AB is one of Sweden's most prominent property administration and management companies with a comprehensive range of services for housing, commercial properties, and premises. The cooperative organization offers complete solutions within property management, including everything from financial services and administration to maintenance services and caretaking of outdoor environments. HSB Göta currently manages approximately 20,000 apartments, 18,000 of which are tenant-owner apartments. There are about 450 tenant-owner associations, 300 of which are HSB associations and 150 are independent tenant-owned associations. HSB Göta, in turn, owns a real estate company with around 140 properties.

About Klimatkontoret

Klimatkontoret is a system integration company that develops energy-efficient and user-friendly solutions for building automation. Together with their network of partners, Klimatkontoret offers complete solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, adapted to the individual requirements of every property.

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