Simple commissioning and full flexibility – the Regin way

At Regin you find everything you need to build an optimized simple or a more complex heating system from electronic controllers for heating systems to efficient valves with 0% leakage, a wide variety of wireless and threaded sensors and display units.

The Exigo controllers for heating and boiler control have integrated predefined configurations for simple commissioning, completely in line with our Ready Steady Go-concept. This means that the product has been designed with the user perspective in focus, ensuring cost-efficient commissioning with a minimum of engineering time needed. Just define your system, choose the application and adjust the values to fit your specific application.

The versatility of Exigo makes it possible to use stand-alone or integrated into a network using standard communication protocols such as Modbus, BACnet and M-bus. Connecting to CLOUDigo – our cloud-based tool, allows control and management of settings from a distance, at any time.