RVASN08-230 Rotating valve actuator for PCMTV32-50 valves

Valve actuators intended for control of Regin’s pressure independent PCMTV32-50 range of valves. Compact design for simple installation and maintenance. Clear position indication and DIP-switches for setting of rotational direction.

Specifications for RVASN08-230
Supply voltage 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 4.8 W (1.2 W/6.5 VA in standby mode)
Control signal On/Off (2-position) and 3-position
Specifications for Rotating valve actuator for PCMTV32-50 valves
Max. stroke (rotation) 0…90°
Stroke time 30s
Torque 8Nm
Angle limitation 5…85° (in increments of 5°)
Ambient temperature -20...+50°C
Media temperature Max. 120°C
Storage temperature -40…+70°C
Ambient humidity 5…95 % RH
Protection class IP54