OVA-031 L&G, L&S, Siemens

Adapter kit for adapting Regin's RVA actuators to L&G, L&S and Siemens valves.

For valves VFG33, VFG34, VFG35, VFG36 (VARISHUNT) and VVG11, VVG12, VXG11, VXG12 (VARIVALVE), the stem connector is supplied with the RVA actuator.

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Specifications for OVA-031
Actuator RVAN18.../RVAN25...
DN min.-max. 20 - 150 mm
Valves, Siemens VFF33, VFF34, VFF35 (VARISHUNT), VFF36 (VARISHUNT)
Valves, ABS, VADSTENA, VM SV...54, SV...55, SV...56, SV...62, SV...65, SV...66, SV...67
Valves, TAC STL, V282 (DN40-50), VG221F, VG222, VG311F (65-150), VG321, V395 (DN65-100), V265, V221, V384, V386, V392, V292 (DN40-100), V295 (DN40-100), V222, V321
Valves, LDM
Valves, Osby (OAB)