VCA152DW-4 Corrigo Ardo – configurable 24 V ventilation controller

Configurable 24 V ventilation controller with built-in communication via EXOline, Modbus or BACnet. Fast and easy to setup with a predefined application for ventilation and selectable I/O configuration. The controller is easily configured and monitored via a built in web interface. It can be connected to CLOUDigo for the possibility to monitor the system from any location.

The Corrigo* controllers are BTL listed, click here to go to the BACnet International website where you'll find PICS documents and more information.

Specifications for VCA152DW-4
RS485 ports 1
Ethernet ports 1
Display X
AI 4
DI 4
UI 0
CI 0
AO 3
DO 4
UO 0
Specifications for Corrigo Ardo – configurable 24 V ventilation controller
Supply voltage 24 V AC (21…27 V AC 50...60 Hz) / 20...36 V DC
Protection class IP20
Ambient temperature 0...50°C
Storage temperature -20…+70°C
Mounting DIN-rail
Number of modules 8,5
Display type Backlit (LCD), 4 rows of 20 characters
Configuration PT1000/Ni1000/Ni1000LG/0-10 V
Operating system EXOrealC
Clock Real-time clock
Memory backup Backup of memory and real-time clock function
Battery backup CR2032 replacable Lithium cell
Battery life Min. 5 years
Dimensions, external (WxHxD) 149 x 121 x 60mm
Port type RS485
Default protocol


Supported protocols

Modbus / EXOline / BACnet MS/TP

Port isolation

Galvanic common mode voltage. Max. 150 V

Communication speed

9600 baud (1200...76800 baud)



Stop bits

1 or 2

Port type


Default protocol


Supported protocols

EXOline-TCP / Modbus-TCP / BACnet/IP

Material, housing

Polycarbonate (PC)

Material, base Polycarbonate (PC)

External display


Ardo expansion unit with15 I/O:s


Vido expansion unit with 19 I/O:s


Ardo expansion unit with 28 I/O:s


External touch display for Corrigo controllers