New version of Application tool for download!

At Regin, we work continuously with improvements, often based on the close dialogue and feedback from our users.

This time we have made some minor adjustments in Application tool, related to Regio and Exigo. Version 1.0-1-17 will be available here on our website in the end of June. Then you will also find the latest manual for the brand-new Regio Midi 1.7 update in the tool.

Always stay tuned for updates, even the smallest change can be the most important for you!

Configuration software for Corrigo and Exigo

A PC-based configuration software with graphical user interface. The program gives you an excellent overview of the Corrigo or Exigo settings. Using the software, all settings can be made on the computer and downloaded into the controller. An infinite number of configurations can be stored in the computer memory for later use.