Fan-coil controller with 0...10 V control signal

Electronic fan-coil thermostats for room temperature control. With PI controller.The controllers have automatic change-over between heating and cooling and can be used for 2- or 4-pipe systems. They have a function for control of a 3-speed fan (for fan-coil), a built-in temperature sensor, backlit display, and an input for a window contact or an occupancy detector.

RCF-230CD*, RFC-230CAD*, RCF-230CTD* and RCF230CTD-EC* are BTL listed, click here to go to the BACnet International website where you'll find PICS documents and more information.


(2 st)
  • RCF-230AD - Regin
    Fan-coil controller
  • RCF-230CAD - Regin
    Fan-coil controller with communication via RS485 (Modbus, BACnet or EXOline)
    Modbus, BACnet & EXOline
Specificaties voor Fan-coil controller with 0...10 V control signal
Supply voltage 230 V AC ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption < 3 VA
Outputs Relays for fan control, 230 V AC, 3 A fan-coil. Actuator, 0...10 V DC, max. 1 mA.
Setpoint 5...35°C
Hysteresis ±0.5 K
P-band 10°C
I-time 300 s
Digital outputs (DO) Three relay outputs for fan control, 230 V AC, 3 A
Analogue outputs (AO) Two for valve actuators, 0...10 V DC, max. 1 mA
Analogue inputs (AI) One PT1000
Digital inputs (DI) One closing potential-free contact
Universal inputs (UI) One PT1000 or closing potential-free contact
Mounting Room
Protection class IP20
Installations 2- or 4-pipe
Change-over function Automatic