Wireless ceiling mounted motion detector

IRCW is a ceiling mounted motion detector within the Regin Go Wireless concept. The detector maintains a stable and highly sensitive level of detection regardless of changes in the environment.


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  • IRCW - Regin
    Wireless ceiling mounted IR motion detector
Specifications for Wireless ceiling mounted motion detector
Supply voltage CR123A 3V lithium battery x 1 (CR123A)
Battery life 6 years
Frequency 868 MHz
Range, frequency Over 300 meters in unobstructed space
Ambient temperature -10…+45°C
Ambient humidity Max. 85 % RH (non-condensing)
Protection class IP20
Dimensions Ø 106 mm x 30,3 mm
Mounting position 2.7 ...4 m above the floor
Range, detection Ø 6…8 m

Wireless 32 channel receiver with Modbus communication